Sturdy C-Shape Shot Frame

The C-shape injection frame is a one piece construction with the stationary die-platen and has superior rigidity. The center of the injection cyclinder is minimally affected by any change in the foundation ,thus extending the service life of the plunger tip and sleeve.

Surgeless Hydraulic Circuit

The accumulators is placed directly on the cylinder so that pressure surges are minimized and flash is eliminated. The piston accumulator system keep in check pressure loss and making it possible to be high response and high reliability.

Electric Motor Hydraulic Double vane pumps & proportional pressure& flow valve

Energy saving design with two stop pump and proportional control valve for hydraulic pressure & flow . Customer can set macnine any motion working pressure and flow (speed). macnine get high performance and working smooth.

Adjustable moving platen carrier shoes

Easily adjusted with one hex screw .The USA fiber material platen is used between cast shoe & heat treated wear guide belt. It does not need any lubricant .It can get longer service life than bronze.

Inject stroke & pressure sensors , as standard equipment

The injection stroke & pressure sensors are included as standard equipment. Injection characteristics can be monitored on the screen.

Oilless bronze + carbon toggle bush ( optional )

Fcd 55 material toggler with Japan's oilless bronze + carbon bush & chrome plated pins. It get long service life & save maintance charge.

Vp type CNC control system (optional)

Customer can select CNC control sys. Germany Beckoff control sys + Window CE sys get powerful interface with macnine. The sys include injection curve , Clamping force display & control.

150T Injection sys